Goodbye 2014 - Hello 2015

We focused quite a bit this year on culture and the environment for optimum L&D training – we also explored what good looks like in terms of content creation and technology deployment.

To review these concepts, see:

What’s culture got to do with it?

And, Implementing successful just in time technology

Now, as we see out 2014 and look forward to 2015 we’d like to share some thoughts on the state of the mobile market itself and how we see the user profile progressing.

Needless to say, the e-Learning/Learning Management market is booming. Many reports indicate this (for instance: Ambient Insight Premium Report). There’s a lot of movement and consolidation going on in the market: such as Charterhouse acquiring Skillsoft and LTG merging Epic and Line into Leo Learning.

Along with the changes happening in the market, we can also see changes in users’ attitudes towards mobile learning. There is an interesting trend emerging: early adopters realising that there’s more to mobile than simply having a mobile management system (MMS). We notice that our clients are now seeing that there is a much bigger win in the mobile space rather than convenient access to folders: ‘maybe there’s a smarter way we can approach the mobile opportunity’.

This is in contrast to the typical stance which instantly tries to map the LMS onto the MMS. We’ve always argued that this a major missed opportunity. You need to have a mobile strategy in place from the beginning because mobile is really about cloud, not just about device.

If you visit this link, you’ll find our recent LSG webinar which maps out the key questions you need to ask of your digital learning policy, in order for it to be as smart as possible.

Alternatively this video sums up the same idea but in a quicker approach.

What we’re saying is that the future is really about cloud. Cloud removes that which doesn’t add value; so if you don’t add value as a broker, cloud will remove you. Examples of this can be seen from Uber for taxis and Zipcars for leasing through to Spotify for music.

Looking forward, we see 2015 as the year of user engagement. As a result, we need to sell learning to our user base, not simply tell them what to do. We foresee a transition of learning becoming something you do, rather than something that is done to you. We will be looking to our learning populations to lean forward even more and take responsibility for their learning pathways, as well as their career path.

Again, as you can see from our previous blog posts, we’ve repeatedly described the conditions, both in terms of content creation and technology, for successful learning to occur. If you don’t build your systems in the ideal manner, your employees simply won’t come (see: If we build it will they come?).

We at Skill Pill are looking forward to launching new tools in the upcoming year, such as Playbook (Spotify for learning), and we would like to acknowledge our stakeholder base and our customers who have accompanied us on the early steps of our journey.

Thank you for reading/following. As Derek Sivers said in this great video “the first follower is what turns a lone nut into a leader”. 



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